Baldacci’s great character-naming auction

Those character names have to come from somewhere.
Those character names have to come from somewhere.

I just finished reading David Baldacci’s The Target, one of his Will Robie series. A pretty good yarn.

In the acknowledgments I notice he has something going. He mentioned a couple of people who were winners of the character-naming auction, whatever that is. I’ve seen this in some of his recent books.

Sure enough, a couple of the minor players were named after these real live people. “Hope you like your characters,” Baldacci wrote.

Now, that’s cool. Solve the dilemma of what to name your characters and build some buzz for your book at the same time.

I’m stealing that.




Now wherever your finer ebooks are sold …

They tell me it’s not all Kindle.

Really. There are all these other ebook companies around, too. Apple. Kobo. Nook, which is still around. Even some of the other sites such as Oyster and Scribd, where you pay a monthly rate and grab all the books you can read.

But it’s not all Kindle. Because of that, most of my work is now up on those other sites. Don’t thank me, thank Smashwords.

So go to the bookseller of choice and run a search. Punch in the author’s name and you might find something.

Next: Within a few months I hope to have real-live print versions of B.I.C. Cartel and maybe Damage Control up. Checking out Createspace now.

Watch for more versions. This is gonna be fun.



Stuff happens

Due to intense family issues, my production schedule is knocked off track by at least two weeks.

My lastest nonfiction work, Ink Stained Wretch, is expected to be out Nov. 15.

My new novel Desert Stories will come out in its entirety sometime in February. I think.

Really, these projects are not exactly on my mind right now. They will be later, though.