About PulsBeat Media

eric-at-work3-likeliestEric Pulsifer 

Independent writer & content creator

Author of:

  • B.I.C. Cartel 
  • Damage Control
  • Plus four nonfiction ebooks

Stories that live. Writing that breathes.

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PulsBeat Media (PBM) started as little more than a name to put in the “Publisher” blank when I uploaded my first novel in 2013.

But somehow, things seemed to fit from there. PulsBeat Media serves as the publishing house for all my fiction and nonfiction work. It also became the brand for all of my hired-out online writing.

PBM is based in Charleston SC or in Riverside, CA, wherever I happen to be at the moment.

The PBM staff (all one of them) has been in the writing business for 30 years, with credentials in print journalism, Web content and ebook publishing.

So here’s the deal. If you want to build your authority and credibility in your industry, have a business blog and don’t know what to do with it, contact me. What I will do is maintain your blog and keep it updated with fresh, lively copy.

What I won’t do is guarantee you page views or top Google ranking. Most of those SEO tactics are counterproductive at best and downright scammy at worst. You and I are smarter than that.

Catch me at (951) 892-0957 or eric@pulsbeatmedia.com and we’ll talk.