Beta Testers available in print, ebook versions

I’m really pleased how it came out. Print version is available through Createspace, or I might hawk a few copies out of the trunk of my car. Everybody else does.

E-versions out via the usual channels: Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, Smashwords and about a gazillion others.

Get Part I (ebook) free here …


What’s going on?

Spending so much time writing (and caregiving, but that’s another story), but I should post some updates.

Cover of The Beta Testers, first draft. Needs work, especially the fonts.
Cover of The Beta Testers, first draft. Needs work, especially the fonts.
  • Preparing the print version of *Playing Harmonica Like A Real Musician*. I planned a March 21 launch date, but I don’t know now. The graphics are giving me trouble. Might have to print something easier, so I’m prepping *Damage Control* while I figure out the graphics.
  • Getting into third draft of The Beta Testers, a new fiction work. There’s a dummy page up on my authors’ site, but I think I’m ready to put one up here. Still working with a March 21 launch date.
  • Sketching out possible story lines for a potential mystery series.
  • Setting up an open-source system for my next nonfiction work. It’s a reissue/reframing/total rewrite of an existing work. If you’re into watching me work,

Should slip some time letting folks know I have some work going, huh?


Playing catch-up

Note to self: This website needs some love, too.

If you’re following this site, you’d know I had just released Part I of a new novel (Desert Vendetta) and put out a cheat sheet for musicians. But that was months ago.

Which means this site needs some love. From me. Here are some updates:

  • Desert Vendetta has been released, and I removed the parts from Amazon. If you click on those links now, you’ll be sent off to 404ville.

  • Playing Harmonica Like A Real Musician is also out, and it’s moving quite well. This is the logical conclusion to the cheat sheet. I’m now working on a print version, which I expect to release through Createspace on March 21.

  • I’m deep into second draft on my fourth novel, The Beta Testers. I expect to release it March 21.

As I go I will add links to the books here. I’m also rewriting a few things because I’m putting more emphasis into books and less into customer work.

That’s all I can think of for now.

Desert Vendetta (Part I) is here!

cover-fullver-2ndTakeThe Arizona/Nevada desert is a mysterious place. Secrets get uncovered all the time … like, say, bodies.

When that happens, other forces try to cover the evidence.

It takes a pair of misfit reporters and two casino employees to dig it right back up again.

What they find puts everyone in danger.

Part II of Desert Vendetta due for release April 1, 2015.

UPDATED: The full version is out, the photo has been replaced to reflect the change, and the link takes you to Amazon for the full version. For more information and/or choices, go to the Desert Vendetta page.

Fighting The Dip

I resemble that remark.
I resemble that remark.

Seth Godin calls it The Dip. It’s that spot on the road, kind of near the end, where you have to decide whether it’s worth it to go on.

Many projects lose all steam right at that dip. Maybe you started like Dale Earnhardt at the beginning, but you slammed your brakes at the dip.

Dealt with that while working on Desert Vendetta. Lots of weirdness while finishing second draft and going into the third:

  • Illness and a death in the family. Okay. That’s not the standard dip, but who can continue a project with all that going on?
  • The work wasn’t worth a flip.
  • Had to rewrite one chapter multiple times. It really needed it. Was just too raunchy even for me.
  • Knowing the work was no good.
  • Added another thread to the plot line, and the manuscript really needed it.
  • Did I mention the project was no stinkin’ good?

Hey, this stuff happens. But I navigated The Dip without losing my shocks.

Good feeling.


Cheat sheet distills music theory to one handy page

I’m working on a new book originally geared toward harmonica players but will apply to all musicians. Tentatively titled “How To Play Harmonica Like a Real Musician,” it takes the musician from random blowing to playing with purpose.

While it’s still in first draft, I released a cheat sheet that forms the basis for some of the book. It’s one I scratched out for my own use onstage, but other musicians kept asking me for copies. I’ve since neatened it up and it’s ready for public consumption.

The package is available through Gumroad, and it includes the neatened-up version and the original handwritten one. It’s one of those reference sheets that belongs in your gig bag. With it you can transpose a song, know which notes or chords to play, and rip out a face-melting solo as if you know what you’re doing.

The book itself? It touches on professionalism, which is something I see so little of onstage — especially with harmonica players.

Expect it to hit the usual ebook channels before summer. Depending on how long it is, I may decide to put out a print version.




Baldacci’s great character-naming auction

Those character names have to come from somewhere.
Those character names have to come from somewhere.

I just finished reading David Baldacci’s The Target, one of his Will Robie series. A pretty good yarn.

In the acknowledgments I notice he has something going. He mentioned a couple of people who were winners of the character-naming auction, whatever that is. I’ve seen this in some of his recent books.

Sure enough, a couple of the minor players were named after these real live people. “Hope you like your characters,” Baldacci wrote.

Now, that’s cool. Solve the dilemma of what to name your characters and build some buzz for your book at the same time.

I’m stealing that.




Now wherever your finer ebooks are sold …

They tell me it’s not all Kindle.

Really. There are all these other ebook companies around, too. Apple. Kobo. Nook, which is still around. Even some of the other sites such as Oyster and Scribd, where you pay a monthly rate and grab all the books you can read.

But it’s not all Kindle. Because of that, most of my work is now up on those other sites. Don’t thank me, thank Smashwords.

So go to the bookseller of choice and run a search. Punch in the author’s name and you might find something.

Next: Within a few months I hope to have real-live print versions of B.I.C. Cartel and maybe Damage Control up. Checking out Createspace now.

Watch for more versions. This is gonna be fun.



Stuff happens

Due to intense family issues, my production schedule is knocked off track by at least two weeks.

My lastest nonfiction work, Ink Stained Wretch, is expected to be out Nov. 15.

My new novel Desert Stories will come out in its entirety sometime in February. I think.

Really, these projects are not exactly on my mind right now. They will be later, though.