B.I.C. Cartel

If you gave up, can you really start again?

B.I.C.* Cartel (*Butt In Chair)

Braden Campbell is an amazing jazz pianist with bipolar disorder, and he gives up his talent because it’s time to grow up. As if driving a taxi is a grown-up occupation, that is.

td-amazon-smile-logo-01-largeKaren Watts writes, and has great credentials as a journalist and freelance writer. However, every novel she’s ever written is either abandoned or torched — because she thinks she isn’t good enough.

Robert Blair paints landscapes, portraits and … signs. But only the signs pay and a man has to make a living, right?

After years of false starts, marriages, abusive relationships, divorces, nookiconsubstance abuse, madness, frequent cross-country moves and plain old self-doubts, the three reunite with a new resolve. Karen bets them that she will be the first to “turn pro” — to take their talents seriously and act professionals instead of dabblers.

Kobo? Sure.

Finally they do something about it in this story of wild adventures, battle scars, dysfunction, redemption, friendship, and sheer guts.