Playing catch-up

Note to self: This website needs some love, too.

If you’re following this site, you’d know I had just released Part I of a new novel (Desert Vendetta) and put out a cheat sheet for musicians. But that was months ago.

Which means this site needs some love. From me. Here are some updates:

  • Desert Vendetta has been released, and I removed the parts from Amazon. If you click on those links now, you’ll be sent off to 404ville.

  • Playing Harmonica Like A Real Musician is also out, and it’s moving quite well. This is the logical conclusion to the cheat sheet. I’m now working on a print version, which I expect to release through Createspace on March 21.

  • I’m deep into second draft on my fourth novel, The Beta Testers. I expect to release it March 21.

As I go I will add links to the books here. I’m also rewriting a few things because I’m putting more emphasis into books and less into customer work.

That’s all I can think of for now.