Damage Control

A contest gone awry …


A corporate executive who stops at nothing to save his company.
Kindle? Of course.
A reporter with a chip on his shoulder.
A retired homicide cop with a mission.
A secretary who knows too much.
Nook? No problem.
Result: A wild ride into murder and chaotic attempts at damage control.
We’ve got it in Kobo, too.


Darrell Kline wants out of his stifling news beat in the worst way. Too busy playing newsroom politics to chase real news, he wants that big barnburner news story. When he gets it, he puts his job and his life on the line to develop it.

Retired homicide cop Michael Dugan closed out his career at an all-time low. Still haunted by the death of his wife, he inadvertently gave up an informant. He wants a do-over while he still has his cop’s instincts.

Lee Saunders can’t resist a challenge. This one’s a big one. He’s tasked to find answers that may save his company from going broke. He’s willing to go to any lengths to meet that challenge. Including murder?

Executive secretary Denise Ingram was raised to revere the truth and live by her principles. But she’s forced to choose between her standards and her company’s survival.

They’re caught in a web of murder, mayhem and chaotic attempts at damage control.