Nonfiction works

Playing Harmonica Like a Real Musician

This book is for the intermediate player, and includes my Everything I Know About Music Theory On One Page cheat sheet.

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Ink Stained Wretch

A collection of thoughts, musings and caffeinated prose from an old journalist.






What happens to old journalists when they die?


Hard Reboot

So you were outrageously talented once and forgot about it.

Life happened. Time to grow up. Got to make a living.

Yeah, Kindle …

But you sure miss it. How does someone get back into it, recapture the mojo after burying it for so long?

Got Nook?

In this book Eric Pulsifer points out the land mines, cuts through the crap and the excuses, gives you some practical ideas to begin on, and hopefully guides you back into the game where you belong.

… and Kobo too?



Meditations I

meditatInewcover-narrower-shrunkCreative? Got that inner fire and you don’t know what to do about it? Stuck? Don’t know where to start? Don’t know what to do next?

Eric Pulsifer, a writer/musician who spent years trying to evade his gifts, learned a few things the hard way about the creative process and shares his observations in a series of short, to-the-point meditations.

It’s all there. The uncertainty. The opposition. The blood all over the typewriter. The allure of the couch. The siren song of those who don’t want you to make any progress. And a little bit of perspective.

If you write, play music, engage in any arts, start new
businesses, do any brain work, or deal with ideas in any form, this book could be the encouragement (or electric cattle prod) that you need to kick things to the next level.


For the musicians out there …