Cheat sheet distills music theory to one handy page

I’m working on a new book originally geared toward harmonica players but will apply to all musicians. Tentatively titled “How To Play Harmonica Like a Real Musician,” it takes the musician from random blowing to playing with purpose.

While it’s still in first draft, I released a cheat sheet that forms the basis for some of the book. It’s one I scratched out for my own use onstage, but other musicians kept asking me for copies. I’ve since neatened it up and it’s ready for public consumption.

The package is available through Gumroad, and it includes the neatened-up version and the original handwritten one. It’s one of those reference sheets that belongs in your gig bag. With it you can transpose a song, know which notes or chords to play, and rip out a face-melting solo as if you know what you’re doing.

The book itself? It touches on professionalism, which is something I see so little of onstage — especially with harmonica players.

Expect it to hit the usual ebook channels before summer. Depending on how long it is, I may decide to put out a print version.